Kapa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tasting Notes
Tastefully, olive oil from the Crown Olive has a full body, it is fruity and gives off many earthy shades . The aftertaste of the almond and artichoke notes is distinct in it. This particular olive oil can very easily to stand beside of very strong flavors. It should be noted that the flavors of Koroneiki on Crete give a particularly fruity intensity and cover our tongue with a slightly feel of butter.

Olive Picking
The picking of the olive plays an important role in its cultivation and in the quality of the oil. Olives for oil are picked around the December when the fruit of the olive has begun to mature. It transfers directly to the oil mill to produce the olive oil within 24 hours in order to keep the acidity of the olive oil low and its quality characteristics.

The filtration of the olive oil is the beginning of the olive oil standardization. First passes through the diatomaceous earth filter to clean it from debris. Then placed in tanks to pass through the next filter, the plate filter, that consisting of filter paper.The olive oil takes the lamp of this filter. Then repositioned in tanks in order to standardize.

Packaging plays an important role in the preservation, handling and disposal of products. With primary packaging oil quality characteristics are protected, like the color, structure, flavor, taste and properties. The secondary packaging, carton, palletizing, etc. has a more important role in maintaining product quality, since it has to protect the primary packaging, it stores in controlled temperature spaces and the transport it to the shelf, where it will be seen for the purpose ofchoosing by the final consumer.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil .

Kapa Messara

Olive Groves of Southern Heraklion

Variational composition

Food combination
It combines perfectly with all kinds of food and specifically with the Mediterranean diet

1500ml, 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml & 100ml
Tinplate Rectangle Container