Kapa Kerasma Honey of Crete

Since antiquity, honey has been certified as an excellent food for human, with great nutritional and therapeutic value.

In Crete during the excavations at Phaistos, there were clay bee hives of the Minoan period (3400 BC). In ancient Knossos, a sign was found with the inscription “Passion Gods Honey: Amphorae 1” means: “Offering to all gods honey: an amphora”.

The honey of Crete contained tonic and antiseptic properties and the difference from other regions is found in the unique mountain vegetation, consisting of 1,706 native plants, of which 178 are considered to be exclusively native to the island.

Because of the microclimate of Crete, the nectar of the herbs has an extra density, thus creating the thick texture, the amber colour and intense aroma of the product.
Honey contains more than 181 nutrients, with positive health benefits, and is a real “nutritional gold”, or, as the scientists say, “the foundation of life”. It is a remedy for stomach discomforts while providing several hours of euphoria and energy, while a small amount of honey helps the human stomach to break down all kinds of food.

“Kapa Kerasma honey of Crete”, a natural product, stands out for its authenticity. it is collected by traditional methods and produced by bees who living in the most pure areas of the Cretan land. They are fed an collecting pollen of the rare Cretan herbs, such as thyme, malt, sage, dittam, etc.,

Kapa Kerasma is standardized in certified controlled environment (ISO 9001, ISO – HACCP 22000). Our company also works with certified analytical laboratories so that all lots have the necessary certificates.



glass vase 450gr & 250gr